BanPrivateJets.org is a personal initiative by Mario Leandros, born from the compelling need to discuss realistic policies to massively reduce flying.

The initiative has not received any institutional endorsement or sponsorships nor private monetary donations. Thanks, however, to everybody who has given feedback or hints. Mario Leandros has no financial interest to declare (as of July 2022).
Thus, this initiative is completely independent.

How to support?

First, spread the message. Climate policy without careful consideration of the social dimension cannot be effective and politically viable at the same time. This is specially true for flying, since the distribution of flown miles among the population of any country is highly unequal.

Second, send feedback if you think any of the arguments on this site needs improvement. Same if you spot typos or other errors.

In case you can imagine further collaboration, please don’t hesitate to drop a line.


Please send any inquiry, comment, critique, and the like to info at ban private jets dot org.


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